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Mel and Alia-Bird: Reunited with Two Geldlings by tomboianimalmel
Mel and Alia-Bird: Reunited with Two Geldlings

"I am getting worried about Alia-Bird, Ryan..." Mel spoke as the crisp fall wind blew the new fallen leaves around the paddock. It had been a year since ARR had bought Beaumont Stables Alia-Bird, whom was still getting used to her new territory. Mel knew it was from her being such a timid mare, and being brought to a new stable while being only four years old. The brunette had seen the mare interacting with the other fillies and mares but not usually.
"Well, she is a shy...But, I think this chance of getting Prince George and Lennie-Boy will get her to break out. It is two old horses she knew at Beaumont, maybe she will feel more comfortable?"
"I hope so Ryan...Or we are going to have to find another alternative..." The siblings chatted before hearing the sound of cobblestone being pushed down.  It was time to see if the test would work, and if so the geldings would be new horses at ARR. A truck pulled up to the unloading station, a large trailer on the hitch with sights of two horses inside. Grinning, Mel could not help but run up to the vehicle that held two geldings she always admired from Beaumont.
"Whoa there, Melly. We gotta get Ali out before letting these two out!" Troy's voice chuckled from the window of the truck; never surprised at his sisters' reactions. He stepped out of the truck, grabbing the paperwork for buying the two geldings from their affiliates. His smile never left, though, as Mel was already getting ready to introduce the new horses.
     "Here ya go Alia-Bird..." Ryan shushed the cautious filly as he lead her out of paddock, onto the cobblestone road. He could feel the nervous aura coming from Ali, a natural thing from a uncomfortable horse. The orange haired man just hoped that this plan would work so they could finally stop worrying about her socializing.  Alia-Bird was thinking of something different, her ears were twitching as her nose flared from new smells. She knew that smell but did not remember where she knew it from.. That was till Mel brought out the two watchful geldings from the trailer. The fillies' eyes grew wide at the sight, it was Lennie and George! Ryan could not stop the filly from trotting up to the new horses, her smile appearing on her features.

 "Good boys...That's it..." The twenty-one year old woman spoke gently to the geldings as she lead them out. She remembered Kalib's directions on how to handle the duo with new areas, she just hoped she could get them right. Her nerves spiked when the gray-blue eyes caught the sight of the coal coated filly trotting to them. Just what she needed today, running after two geldings when Ali spooked them...But, she knew Alia-Bird better and let the two geldings go to be beside the four year old filly. Just there to watch and see what happened.

Lennie was the first to react to the filly, his vocal's giving out a shrill whinny and his legs shaking madly. The gelding's back legs even gave out from his mass fear, making him land on his rear with freezing up from the sudden change. His brother, George, sprung into action from Lennie's sudden fall to protect his best friend; not backing down to anything that came their way. Both were tense already from being taken away from their home land, especially from the drastic climate change. George gave out a threatening whinny at the filly, clearly not recognizing her from Beaumont.

"Lennie! George! It's me!" Ali snickered to the two horses, her smile never leaving as she stood beside Mel. The chestnut mustang mix blinked at Ali, his coffee colored eyes carefully watched as he responded, 


"Yeah! I am happy to see you guys...It's nice to see familiar faces..."  The mare looked to the black tobiano, her smile never leaving. "Lennie, there is no need to be scared here...You two will love it here, I do! I can show you around!"

"R-Really?" Lennie snickered under his breath, his eyes finally shrinking back to normal as his muscles calmed down. The brunette simply smiled at the conversation between the three horses, happy to see that Alia-Bird finally come out of her timid shell. 

Mel just let out a soft sigh, her eyebrows furrowing from the thought of two new horses at the ranch. Now to get the two geldings to enjoy their new lives if they are bought for ARR...Hopefully this time, it won't take a year.

An upload! It's a miracle! :dummy: haha, I am so funny..Not.:iconfacepalmplz:
Yup, some Animal Range Ranch art! My dear friend :iconbaringa-of-the-wind: put up this journal about selling some of her beautiful horses. Which included Lennie-Boy and King George .  And I have loved these two for so long, so of course I would jump at the opportunity of buying them! :heart:

My horse anatomy and art still sucks but I have gotten way better than before >>; . I could not help but make Lennie be sitting/squatting cause he is already adorable, so why not? :love:
Which reminds me, ARR is getting revamped! I am going to add new stable members, horses (taking some away and fixing up some), new area where they are and history. I am working on the journal right now and a basic reference sheet :la:.

I will hopefully get these two handsome geldings from Baringa-of-the-Wind, if not, I hope they get good homes! Wish me luck guys, and I will try to be more active soon if school will finally let up, but highly doubtful :iconotlplz:

Mel, Ryan, Alia-Bird, ARR, Story & Picture (C) Me tomboianimalmel

Alia-Bird Design, Lennie-Boy, King George, Kalib, & Beaumont Stables (C) :iconbaringa-of-the-wind:

Holy Fudge, I haven't updated a journal in... NINE MONTHS :iconscaredtodeathplz: 
Its about time, right? :stare:
So, I have been Busy. Seriously, like I am surrounded by homework, social -shockingly!-, and hobbies even! I have been wanting to upload some of my school doodles but I just can't find the time for it :iconfoxgrrplz: and it sucks! I really want to upload my latest marker works because I am doing traditional more as well as Digital =3=; So I feel horrible for not uploading that stuff or even scanning it in. And also, all this work has kept me away from the computer which has delayed replies :nuu: I am going to get to replying to those, I can only reply to a few at a time with my Ipod and its very difficult cause it glitches out and I can't enter for a new paragraph :iconotlplz: So that is delayed, sadly. 

I am going on a small hiatus from all this, I will still be drawing art and will try my best to upload everything in due time. I will try to keep in touch with my friends on here, so do not threat moonflower 

Before I go, I am doing a OC Feature because of :iconthemusicalsmurf: becausee she featured my Tessa <3 SO Give me your OCs! I'm only doing ten to maybe 15! but a registered spot for Gji if she wants it~ 

1) :iconrikki-the-great: Shiloh Summerland
What can I say? She is such a little spit fire and I love her story :heart: She has a very distinct personality that is not seen a lot, how she comes off as a loner from being a hunter but really just wants to have some fun. I love her design as well, the eye patch, all the detail in her clothes, it makes me love her even more :la: 

2) :iconradiocusca: Sophie Shallot
I am so happy to see a older person for the Fairy Tail OC fandom! Not to mention how Sophie plays a part but not too much of a part. She is there but she is not taking up like she is the second Master because she knows Makarov and Laxus. Then how she owns a cute little flower shop and always went to the guild to visit the kids and feed them or teach them as well :love: 

Till the next journal or my next art, See you all!
:wave: revamp

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